Watch Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game with a long legacy, played at both real-world and online casinos. The Live version of this classic casino game is played with real dealers. The Live Blackjack game combines the excitement and entertaining aspects of the real casino gaming experience. The biggest advantage of this format of the game is that the players get an option to play at their comfort and convenience on different devices including mobiles.

One of the fascinating aspects of engaging in Live Blackjack games is that you can experience the excitement and thrill by watching the cards dealt by the live dealers in real time. So, get started and engross yourself in watching the cards dealt with your favourite Live Blackjack game instantly.

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Playing Live Blackjack

The Live Blackjack games are streamed in a specially built studio or an exclusive live casino room in an online casino. The rules of playing a game live and online does not differ much, except that there is an option in the live format for players to
interact with the live dealer via the live chat feature.

The steps to be followed to play Live Blackjack are as below:

  1. Sign up –  To be able to play online or live, the players need to create an account on the casino’s website.
  2. Deposit – In order to start playing Live Blackjack, the players need to deposit sufficient funds to their accounts using various available payment methods.
  3. Find the Live Casino and choose a table – The casino operators generally have a section for live games on their websites which players need to locate and select their favourite table from the list of available ones.
  4. Familiarise with the interface and features – To be able to play Live Blackjack by utilising the maximum potential of the game, it is necessary for the players to get a hold on the various settings and features such as ‘Bet History’ and video/audio
  5. Enjoy the game and withdraw winnings – The Live Blackjack game can be played online at any time of the day and players can withdraw their winnings by using flexible options.

Noteworthy features of Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack offerings from multiple providers vary in several aspects of which the notable ones are-

  • Video Quality and Player options

      Different providers have distinct video and betting interfaces alongside the major part of the screen being used by the HD video stream.

  • Interaction with dealers

      The Live Blackjack games provide a live chat function which enables players to interact with the dealers during the gameplay.

Blackjack player moves

A Blackjack provides the players with an option of making one of the below moves by indicating each with distinct hand gestures.

  1. Stand – This means that the player prefers to stay with the two cards dealt initially.
  2. Hit – When a player can draw one more additional card when their hand value is less than 21 as long as the value does not exceed 21 is termed as Hit.
  3. Split – The players may choose to split their cards into two separate hands when they have a pair in the two cards dealt initially.
  4. Double down – Players have the option of doubling their original bets based on the value of the two cards dealt in the first round.

Live Blackjack on mobiles

The latest innovation is the mobile casino which allows players to play live casino games on portable devices including smartphones and tablets. The ability to play on mobile can be realised in two ways, namely by accessing the casino sites on a mobile
web browser and through dedicated casino apps that are available for Android, iOS and other mobile devices.

The mobile versions are generally developed to be user-friendly with features such as –

  • Use of large cards by live dealers in the live games to make it easier to see on small mobile screens.
  • The video graphics stay unobtrusive except that they keep track of hands total and bet size.
  • As the game is played out in real time, the players can give live feedback to the live dealers.


Live Blackjack is one of the most exciting formats of Blackjack gameplay. So, make the best choice after going through the features and reviews of the casinos providing this offering.